17 May

Nissan celebrates wins at the MENA Cristal Awards in the Middle East

Nissan Middle East wins Advertiser of the Year, and Nissan ‘Camel Power’ campaign wins the coveted Festival Grand Prix


DUBAI, UAE – Nissan won Advertiser of the Year and the Festival Grand Prix prize at The MENA Cristal Awards, an event held earlier this month in Beirut, Lebanon. In addition to the two awards, Nissan saw seven accolades across multiple segments that highlighted the “Camel Power” campaign.

The three Grand Cristal trophies awarded to Nissan included: The Leader and Advertisers for Nissan’s Camel Power campaign, Corporate and PR and for Marketing Innovation. In addition, the campaign also won three gold trophies for Integrated Campaign, Marketing Innovation as well as Corporate and PR and a silver trophy for Brand Entertainment. The Camel Power campaign was developed by TBWA\RAAD, who was also awarded the Agency of the Year at the awards night.

“We are extremely proud to have not only received two awards but also seven trophies at The MENA Cristal Awards,” said Kalyana Sivagnaman, president of Nissan Middle East and regional vice president Africa, Middle East & India Region. “The awards are not only a testament to Nissan’s key achievements, but also solidifies the company’s positioning as a market leader in the industry. We will continue to unfold strong insight-based campaigns such as Camel Power for our audiences.”

Camel Power is an adaption of the industry-standard horsepower measurement, and is a whole new concept developed by a team of Nissan engineers to measure a vehicle’s performance on the sand. It was used to highlight the brand’s renowned desert driving lineup, including the Nissan Navara and Nissan Patrol models. The Camel Power metric is calculated by multiplying the velocity by the projection of the weight over the same trajectory.

“We are incredibly proud that ‘Camel Power’ has won the MENA Cristal Grand Prix among many other awards,” said Reda Raad, CEO of TBWA\RAAD. “It is our second ‘Agency of the Year’ award this year and validates our creative culture and direction. We thank Nissan Middle East for believing in us and for being our true partner for the past several years. We aim to continue delivering on their trust going forward.”

The MENA Cristal Awards, which took place in Lebanon earlier this month, reward the best MENA campaigns of the year. It includes the following categories: Film, Press, Radio, Integrated, Outdoor, Digital, Mobile, Online Video, Film Craft, Brand Entertainment & Content, Effectiveness, Promo & Direct, Media, Design, Corporate & PR and Arab Culture.